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Friday Night

I'm doing the slow dance with Mother Insomnia and Mother Dyspepsia. Such a life I have, nu?

Truly the week from hell. I'd taken off Monday-just couldn't take the thought of going to work with the [still painful] loss of Gnome still gnashing its teeth in my consciousness. Seth and I did some shopping, went to a kitty shelter in Port Jefferson. He wasn't impressed by any of the full grown cats and the 1/2 grown kittens they had, though a sweet white-and-calico girl caught my eye. She had a great personality and seemed super friendly, giving me head rubbies and smoochies through the cage bars.

But it's too early to look. I have to give myself some time to work out the anger and grief.

I'm going to go to the little shelter in Northport this weekend. Even holding the kitties seems to lessen my grief.
Spalding and Mirin help.

Masdevallia Snowcone pic attached. Newly opened. Very different looking orchid

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