daveonli (daveonli) wrote,

Welcome, little kitty monster

After Gnomey passed away, I was terribly despondent. Nearly every kitten and cat that I saw I wanted. Purebreds were too expensive by far.
A coworker of Seth's cat had kittens. He called me when I was away for the day and was all excited about this little furball. We picked him up July 5.

So far he's wormed his little fuzzybutt into my heart. He's quite a handful...it's been quite a while since the house has echoed to the sound of little cat feet. He attacks Spalding mercilessly. Mirin stares at him in amazed shock and wants nothing to do with this interloper.

His eyes have lightened slightly since this shot, he's also growing fast. He emits tiny little trills and squeaks, so far no meow.

Welcome to the house, fuzzy.
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