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I am so burned out recently. Combination of winter doldrums, personal shtuff, and my increasingly difficult job gets me down. I was off on Monday, taking some necessary days off Thursday and Friday. Oh, the volumes I can write.

Such drama.
So unimportant.
These are the ways of things, I guess.

In these cold and dark times, what do I do? Garden dreaming-roses, orchids, mini-sinningias. I write voluminous lists of plants I'm going to get (maybe, possibly) this coming spring-I've lost a good deal of my masdevallias due to lack of care (read: neglect) of these difficult plants. Nothing too expensive that can't be replaced but it hurts, monetarily.

I'm taking George to have his little operation on Friday-poor guy. I go through mental convulsions every time I have to bring any of my cats to the vet-as if I'm bring Mar, Mist, Gnome or Mirin for that final, sad, sad visit all over again.

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