daveonli (daveonli) wrote,

It's 2:30-something in the AM

Ye gods, another night of dancing with Mother Insomnia

Gnome decided to wake me up again. She did her usual shrieking until I got out of bed. Mirin decided to join in. Spalding ran around doing Spalder things. Evil kitties. Did they have food? yup. Water? All four bowls are full of H20. Oh, I see. They wanted human warm thing to pay them attention.

To which, I answer 'Hah'.

I might play hooky tomorrow and take a 1/2 day off. Remember, the mantra. 'I love my job'

Starting to order stuff for the Spring garden. Begonias (3 types), a couple of gesneriads (4 types of Achimenes, Chirita Diane Marie (which I'd killed before), Columnea erythrophaea (which I'd also killed). Soon everything will be green outside. Good-I hate this winter shite.

Noticed another flower stem on Masdevallia Snow Cone-this will be the third in development. I'm appalingly interested in Masdevallias suddenly, guess it's one of those plants that orchidists eventually evolve (or devolve) to-the first 2 flowers dropped off within a couple of days of getting it from Parkside Orchids in PA (along with 2 leaves), now the plant loves the conditions. Warm growers-good. Cool growers-bad.

I was drooling over M. glandulosa and M. tonduzii and the hybrid Confetti. Little plants-big flowers. That's good.

Off to bed. Again.

Tags: cats, dyspepsia, insomnia, orchids
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