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Old cranky fuzzy.

First really hot Day this year, after a week of overwork and bad sleep. Didn't do much in the last couple of days, worked on Saturday am, visited the parents. Planted more stuff over there than I did here. Haven't gotten rain in a long time. Must be that global warming that the 'Publicans like to say simply doesn't exist. Jackasses.

The black locust trees are in flower-smells like cheap dimestore perfume, very sweet. They're becoming a serious pest. There's a tree not far from my window; at night that scent is simply everywhere. I can forgive the trees for the wonderful honey bees produce from the white flowers.

Still no kitty to replace Gnome Mirin's getting very cranky and is very thin. Old cranky fuzzy.

He calls for me. Muh-wOOOOOAH! I must obey.
Tags: black locust, heat, mirin
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