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So much to read, so little time

Tanith Lee: Metallic Love, Venus Preserved. Metallic Love is the continuation (if not really a sequel) to 1982's The Silver Metal Lover. Beautifully written as always. Venus Preserved is the 4th novel in a series starting with Faces Under Water, continuing onward to Saint Fire and A Bed of Earth, all having to do with a fantastic alternate Venice. Harder edged than Metallic Love, with her elegant, understated ironic style that's a true delight.

Rhys Hughes: A New Universal History of Infamy. Incredibly funny and incredibly odd, these satires and literary oddities are both literary tributes and satires of the style of Jorge Borges' Universal History of Infamy. He also includes in this collection some spoofs of fellow authors (Jeff Vandermeer, Tom Lebbon) deliberately written as if Borges had written them. You begin to wonder who he is poking fun at while trying not to laugh too hard.

Anna Tambour: Spotted Lily. Poor country girl (from the Australian outback) makes a deal with the devil so she can become a published author. Not the usual Faustian bargain.

Sean McMullen: Glass Dragons. Second book in his Moonworld's Saga. High drama and low comedy with good characters, good plot and good world building skills.

Patricia McKillipp: Od Magic. I've been a big fan of hers since The Forgotten Beasts of Eld in the mid-70's. Harder edged than most of her books, good sense of humor, exquisite writing style.

Steve Aylett: Lint. Very funny and odd fake biography of a fictitious author. Full of witty critic-speak which, of course, is itself part of the rich and witty humor.

I also picked up Joe Lansdale collection Bumper Crop. Good, horrific stories with a sharp (pun intended) moral sense and clear, rich writing style. He's a new author to me.
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